Our Team


Yaw Asare

(co-Founder, Program Design & Development, Team Leader)


Yaw’s passion to learn through travel has seen him sojourn in a few countries in Afrika and North America. He has worked in the international travel scene for 3years and has led and trained troops of backpackers in West AfriKa before venturing to start AK.

When he finds himself with some uncommitted time, he is usually lost in the melodies of music that permeates, flipping through the pages of a book, writing, dreaming or in the company of close friends taking deep sips from calabashes of palm wine or the millet brewed beer, pito while listening or telling stories especially of his travel adventures: like the time he found himself in the chilly dark sahel lands of Mali or the time he walked into the home of the writer Ayi Kwei Armah in Poppenguine, Senegal…(ahem, we will leave him to tell his stories).

He recently submitted his thesis and awaiting the award of an M. Phil Afrikan Studies from the Institute of Afrikan Studies, Legon where he also side hustles as a Graduate Assistant.


Latoya Ogunbona

(co-Founder, On-call Coordinator, Team Leader)


Latoya, an avid traveler and blackpacker, was one of Yaw's first blackpackers and a muse for Abibikwantuo. Latoya’s journeys to eleven countries and counting has her seeking to be with her people.

When Latoya is not blackpacking, she is working as a school administrator in Massachusetts. Latoya is completing her Master's in Social Work and hopes to work in the realm of policy to advocate for marginalized populations. Latoya also enjoys reading, practicing yoga, dancing, and engaging in social and political discourse.


Naa Ayɔkɔ Nefertiti

(Marketing, Team Leader)


Reincarnated ancestor. Music listener. Future farmer. Ludo player. Attention payer. Bicycle lover. Kids adorer. Sports watcher. Water observer. Love and light radiator and Black forever.


Aminata Kaba

(co-Founder, Participant Experience Coordinator, Team Leader)


Aminata is Boston born and bred blackpacker with roots in Guinea and Liberia, West Africa. She is dedicated to the Abibikwantuo mission because she’s personally grown from her own home-going experience when she visited family in Guinea for the first time in 2016. At the age of 25 and in the thick of a midlife crisis Aminata traveled to Guinea in pursuit of grounding, change, comfort, learning, and love. She wants to share with other diasporans the power of learning the tales of our ancestors in their backyards. 

Aminata received her bachelors in Sociology from Denison University in 2013 where here passion for people and cultures encouraged her to travel to the world. An excerpt from Dr Joy DeGruy’s “Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder” is what compelled Aminata to make deliberate connections with West Africa and she is eager to connect with all of you. She is a youth worker and non-profit professional when she isn’t on an adventure. 


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