14 days

22nd December - 4th January, 2019

Asomdwoe means Peace in Twi. This Travel Program is designed as a breather for those of us seeking a connection beyond the world of form. In seeking the peace within, this program brings us closer to the great teacher, the natural kingdom affording us the tranquility to perceive the deepest depths of self. Only by going to the deepest depths of self to feel and perceive the true nature of our beings can we glimpse the nature of all that is. We also on this program partake in the creation of a non-profit Umoja (oneness/unity) Retreat Eco-Ville in the calm yet vibrant forest in Oguaa, Cape Coast. We will join hands with our partner with the same goal of bringing to live a space for commUNITY and Love. Come along on this trip with something creative you are currently working on or just come to breathe, relax and (re)connect.

Total fee* USD 1550


  • Travel through Ghana with an intimate group of curious and adventurous AFRIKAN=BLACK people.

  • Connect with local grassroots organizations, people and communities.

  • Live, eat and travel as if you were living in Ghana.

  • Be immersed in, learn and retreat into the natural kingdom.

  • Learn about the preparation of herbal medicines and remedies.

*Fees cover accommodation, transportation and all activities in itinerary. Also included is 3 meal food per day & beverages while with us as well as access to pre-trip support.

Break-down of fees:

  • Program fees = USD 1350

  • Ntoboa/ Contribution= USD 200

 ( Ntoboa are monetary contributions made to various grassroots organizations and communities with whom we engage with)  



Akwaaba (Accra)

Days 1-2

We will begin our journey in Accra picking each participant from the airport as you arrive. Making sure you acclimatize, you will be introduced to the sights, tastes and the fast paced rhythmic pulse of Ghana’s capital city, Accra. We will be visiting the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine to learn about the preparation of herbal remedies and also hit the rope climbing course in the lush green botanical gardens of the University of Ghana which will facilitate a team bonding as we orient you and allow you to be present in your new surroundings.


Ancestral Wall (Prampram)

Day 3- 4

As the sun rises upon the horizon signaling the start of the third day, so would we journey about an hour east from the busy capital, Accra to a more laid back zone, Prampram. Here we are nestled on a hill by the ocean in a lodge which features an Ancestral Wall; the longest wall dedicated to the revitalization of the memories our ancestors throughout time and space. We will pay homage while spending time by the ocean contemplating the motions of the waves and allowing personal time to bring forth our creative energies or simply reflect and introspect. We will also engage the community and its peoples in which we find ourselves.


Lake of the Star that Fell (Lake Bosomtwe)

Day 5-7

The morning of the fifth day will see us journey about five hours inland to Kumasi, the cultural capital of the Asante Kingdom - one of the few surviving monarchial states in Afrika. Kumasi is also home to the sacred Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana’s only natural lake created by an ancient impact crater. The lake is calm but full of mysticism and we will make a home in a lodge by its shores. Knowledge deep in all ages seem to be lying in its depths as the Asante’s believe it is the final point for all souls as they come to bid farewell to Asaase Yaa (the Earth Goddess) on the journey to the ancestral abode.

We will spend the following day in the weaving village of the Akan colourful cloth, Kente learning to make these colourful strips of ancient times and also spend time learning how to make the Akan cloth Adinkra which is laden with philosophical symbols. We will then visit the Manhyia Palace Museum for a cultural and political history of the Asante Kingdom. We will have a full day after to unleash our creative abilities, introspect and reflect by the shores of the mystic lake before heading south to Oguaa, Cape Coast.


Umoja Retreat(Cape Coast)

Days 8-10

After about five hours on a luxury bus ride south, we will arrive in the laid back city of Oguaa, also known as Cape Coast. After setting down our bags, we will visit the menacing slave dungeons on the shores of the ocean in which our ancestors were imprisoned before being shipped to the Caribbean and Americas. We will reflect on this atrocity which has shaped our mental, emotional, political, economic landscapes and made us strangers to ourselves.

Our time here will also see us stripped to the basics as we spend two days in the hidden calm yet vibrant forest with our community partner Ras Kobby. We will partner with him to create an Umoja Retreat Eco-Ville in the forest, a space for commUNITY and Love. Our task here may be to assist our partner in the building of bamboo lodges and/or helping to manage an organic farm. This will also be a great time to unplug from the technological world and plug into the teleological world where we will be connected by going into the deepest depths of ourselves and exude our creative energies.


Luvemba (Cape Three Points)

Days 11-14

Leaving Cape Coast, our journey on this meditative program will take us to the shores of the southern most tip of Ghana. We will lodge in the earth friendly houses of the retreat space, Escape3points Ecolodge. Here, as the sun sets on our program, we will take time to reflect and also enjoy a swim in its beautiful ocean waters while dining from the kitchen which gets its produce from its organic backyard. We will also take time to contemplate on our journeys ahead before we head back to the capital, Accra for our final yɛbɛhyia (we shall meet again) before departures.



Our time will be split into several styles of accommodation, from sharing local guest houses to dorm-style hostels, eco-lodges and tent style livin’. Immersing ourselves in various local communities, we’ll certainly feel the warmth from welcoming Afrikan=Black families. Although accommodation varies from place to place, everywhere we stay will be a safe and enjoyable place to lay your head!